The HeArt Endeavor Inc. is a non-profit, IRC section 501(c) (3) corporation that continues Niles Nordquist Studio’s art ministry. During the past few years, Niles has devoted both proceeds and activities of his art to further this effort. The goals of the HeArt Endeavor are to bring art into Christian lives, to introduce artists to Christianity, and to provide resources to non-profit humanitarian and faith-based organizations.

Recent endeavors include providing financial resources to non-profit schools, art education foundations, missions support, African medical and humanitarian missions, churches, and other non-profit foundations.

The HeArt Endeavor is the next step in a successful effort to use art as a catalyst for Niles and other artists to contribute to these goals. The HeArt Endeavor was founded to expand art-related opportunities to include other artists and patrons for these noble purposes. The officers and employees of HeArt Endeavor receive no payment. All of the net proceeds of this work support other non-profit organizations.

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Safe and accessible drinking water in Subukia, Kenya
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African Medical Missions
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Education Assistance for boys and girls in Kenya

Niles Nordquist is president and director of The HeArt Endeavor Inc. For several years Niles has used his art activities to advance humanitarian and faith-based organizations. The HeArt Endeavor is the next step in advancement of these goals.

More information about Niles and his art can be found at www.nilesnordquist.com.


Niles Nordquist
4652 N. Echo Summit Pl.
Star, ID 83669

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Boise Rescue Mission
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Prostitutes and their children in Tijuana, Mexico
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Housing for Kenyan Refugees who lived in the forest for more than ten years
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Trinity Pines Camp
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Art Education


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